5 Stimulus Preps you want to consider

Steven H
4 min readFeb 9, 2021

If you qualify to receive a stimulus check, what are you going to do with it? Any new prep items you’ve put on the back burner and may now be able to add to your inventory? Here are some ideas you want to consider that will add value to your stock for a long time.

Before I get to the list, a word of warning. I would highly recommend you wait until you actually have this stimulus money in your hands or account. If you have been following the news lately, it’s really all still up in the air. Do not go buying stuff with a credit card with it in mind to pay that off with the pending stimulus check. You just never know!

Also, before buying additional preps, I strongly advise you to be using this money to pay down debt or pay rent/house payment if you are close or behind on payments. Credit card debt especially. OK, if this is not an issue, do consider the following.

  1. A water filtration system. If things go sideways and our running water goes dry, a water filter would be great to have. A lot of people talk about the Berkey filter but I don’t have personal experience with this one. I know they can run about $300.00, but shop around anyway. Another option you can consider is a water bob that contains drinking water in your bathtub and will hold 100 gallons. You can get something like this online for under $50.00. Storing bottled water is good, but in the event of a long-term disruption to your municipal running water, you want to have a backup plan.
  1. Food. You could use the money to add to your stash of food. I prefer canned items and other non perishables like rice, beans and pasta as opposed to spending a lot of money on the prepackaged freeze dried foods you can buy online from supply companies. These packaged foods are a good bit more expensive and won’t go as far, especially if you have a family.
  2. Generator. For prolonged power outage, a generator would be valuable equipment to keep things running, even if it’s just the fridge and freezer. You don’t want to light up everything anyway because that will just draw attention to your house. Prices ranges vary for this but start out roughly around $400.00 and up. Also consider a solar generator and can start off around same price.
  1. Security Camera. This is another item that while not cheap, will not bust your whole stimulus check. A security camera system will allow you monitor who or what is going around your home remotely. This can afford you or your family precious time to prepare or react.
  1. Automobile Maintenance. Been putting off that oil change, tune-up, replacing worn out tires and brakes? Yep, most of us are guilty. But this is a time you want your auto to be in good condition and reliable as possible. By the way, keep a few extra fuel containers of gas filled and stored as well. Also, if push came to shove, last resort, you may have to temporarily live out of your auto so you want it in working condition. You would be surprised how many people are living out of vans nowadays. Look it up.

So many other items to consider I know but this is my top 5 to spend on a stimulus check, in my opinion. Other mentions could include gardening tools, bicycle, ammo (good luck finding 9mm), medical supplies, medicines you must have, first aid kits, hunting knife, gloves, rope.

Please let me know your thoughts! What would be in your top 5?



Steven H

We live in an uncertain world. Preparing for the unexpected is my passion. I also have extensive experience with job readiness, coaching and mentoring.