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Top 5 Priorities to prepare for SHTF

There is a very thin line between relative law and order and total chaos. What should be the top 5 priorities to prepare for when things go south? Some examples include SHTF scenarios such as a widespread long term power outage, complete economic collapse along with a total breakdown of law and order, among others. There are many things we can do to prepare for disaster but, in my humble opinion, here are the top 5.

  1. Physical Fitness — In a real SHTF situation, you will not have the luxury of electricity, most likely not the use of a vehicle, power tools, air conditioning just to name a few. Being in good physical shape will be huge. You may have to walk/hike a ways to get home or gather food/water. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Everything would become a much more difficult physical chore.
  2. Water — The human body must have water or after about 3 days, you are toast. If you have access to a fresh water source like a well, that is ideal. Being near a river, creek or stream would be nice as well. If your municipal water source is compromised, you must have a backup plan. Extra storage of bottled water is nice for a short term situation, but you need to have a plan for a sustainable water source. A reliable water filter would be advised for sure. As soon as a SHTF situation occurs, the running water in your home will still probably work for a while. Quickly fill up your bath tubs and other available containers. At least you use this to flush toilets for a while or filter for drinking water. If the power grid goes down, it will eventually compromise your running water source. Prepare to have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day.
  3. Food — Main thing here is loading up on non perishable foods like beans, rice, canned foods, pasta, candy, I will have future posts that will go into more detail about the kinds of foods to store. But for now, stack it to the rafters, my friends. A sustainable source of food like a garden would be great. Being able to hunt and fish would be a big bonus also.
  4. Security — Well, you must have a way to protect your preps! After about 72 hours after a true SHTF situation, the people who did not prep will become desperate to get food and water. This includes your neighbors. So you may say, well, I live in the country or rural area, I will be just fine. Well, the people in the cities will be fleeing those death traps and guess where they are heading? Yes, most likely towards your place, eventually. Firearms would good, but if you are not a gun person, there are alternatives. Bear mace and wasp spray, stun guns, hunting knife and tasers come to mind. There is strength in numbers, so it is vital to have some trusted friends and family in your group. I will speak to security in more detail later as well. If you do have firearms, please only handle them if you have the proper safety training to do so and stock up on ammunition, if you can find any nowadays. Good luck with that.
  5. Medical supplies — at least 2 good first aid kits is a must. Also, stock up on prescription drugs, OTC drugs like tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, antacids etc. A bonus would be to have somebody in your group with medical experience like a nurse, doctor or medic. Also, stock up on vinegar, alcohol, antibacterial ointments for wound care. Get a digital blood pressure cuff that runs on batteries so you can monitor blood pressure and heart rates.

OK, so that is my top 5. Some other things that I have ready is a way to heat food like propane, have extra gasoline stored in gas cans, and a portable water filter. A bicycle helmet can double as a safety hard hat or combat helmet.

I hope this has been helpful. Please let me know and please share your thoughts!

More to come.



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